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Sinclair Dates

   August 20

   1700:  Darien ships in Charleston, The Duke of Hamilton and the Rising
   Sun reach Charleston in Carolina.

   1745:  Charlie  at  Blair,  In the 1745 Jacobite revolt, Bonnie Prince
   Charlie  reached Blair Castle today and remained overnight, on his way
   south  after  landing  at  Glenfinnan. The Goverment army occupied the
   castle  in 1746 as the Jacobite revolt came to its forgone conclusion.
   The Jacobites under Lord George Murray, lay siege to Blair in what was
   the last castle siege in Britain.

   Queen  Victoria visited Blair in 1844. She presented the 200 Athollmen
   who  formed  the royal bodyguard with regimental colours. They are now
   the only private army in Europe. Source: <labehotierre@wanadoo.fr>


   1. http://sinclair.quarterman.org/timeline.html
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