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Re: newbe

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the list. There were several "Sinklers" around in that era,
not all from John. I am from Alexander Sinkler who arrived in Oct. 1698. I
hope you are very successful in your quest. I will be away for a few days,
but will contact you off list later. I will try to be of help IF POSSIBLE.


Stan St. Clair, Georgia

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From: Lisa Hunter <lhunter2@wi.tds.net>
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Date: Saturday, August 17, 2002 5:11 AM
Subject: newbe

    My name is Lisa Hunter and I have just joined the list.
I have traced my family back to Col. Richard Sinkler ( as he is called in my
records) who was married to Polly Cilley in 1752-3. My mother was a St.Clair
Daughter of Herbert and Blanch St.Clair from WI.

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