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Sinclair Dates

   August 18

   1227:  Genghis Khan d., Mongol warrior-ruler Genghis Khan, died during
   the siege of Hsingchungfu in West Hsia, China. Khan conquered from the
   Adriatic Sea to the Pacific Coast of China.

   1648: Battle of Preston,
   [2]"The  battle  in  which the army of the Scottish Engagers, invading
   England  under  the  duke  of  Hamilton,  was cut off from Scotland by
   Cromwell and completely dispersed in a series of running fights."

   1699: Darien II, Second expedition sails from the Clyde, anchors again
   in Rothesay Bay, waiting for a favourable wind.


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   2. http://www.xrefer.com/entry/363284 some good references
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