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A Peeve

I'd like to weigh-in just briefly, in favor of Sinclair using whatever name
he wishes. I think he's earned it, in any event. My own external focus is in
several things including my prior service in the US Navy, present
ministerial work, and in trying to understand what I call the "Spirit of
Clan Sinclair." (Thus I closely look at this lists' topics and how they are
addressed.) Sinclair has, on the list and off, inspired me in many ways in
all of my interests often bringing tears through his inspiration, strength,
integrity and depth of insight well beyond his extensive knowledge.

Of the various dynamics within the "Spirit of the Clan" I most admire the
often expressed sense of "synergic unity." That is, individuals are
encouraged to be fully expressive/sharing but at the same time within a
larger unified code of conduct (list protocol and good manners). Where this
is accomplished one might note an effect greater than the sum of its parts.
Sinclair is very active in this vector. In my opinion.


Bill Buehler of Colorado

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