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Sinclair Dates

   August 14

   1040:  Macbeth,  King  of  Scots.  Macbeth replaced Duncan as king. In
   spite  of  Shakespeare's  later bad press, Macbeth was actually a good
   king;  well,  good  as medieval rulers go! He ruled well from 1040-57;
   vacationed in Rome. After Malcolm II's murder by his nobles at Glamis,
   Duncan  killed  his  opponents  and seized the throne as King Duncan I
   (1034-1040).  His  first  cousins, Macbeth (of Shakespearian fame) and
   Thorfinn the Raven Feeder, Norwegian Earl of Orkney, united to advance
   Macbeth's  claim to the throne through his mother, another daughter of
   Malcolm  II.  Duncan reigned from 1034 until he was defeated in battle
   by  their  combined  armies  and  killed  by Macbeth in August 1040 at
   Elgin.  Scotland  was then ruled by Thorfinn in the northern districts
   and Macbeth in the southern districts.

   1248:  Cologne Cathedral begun, Rebuilding after a fire of the largest
   Gothic church in northern Europe, the Cologne Cathedral, was begun, to
   be  completed  after 632 years, on 14 August 1880. First church on the
   site 873.

   1699: Unicorn at NY, The Unicorn reaches New York.

   1700:  Rising Sun dismasted, The Rising Sun dismasted in a gale in the
   Gulf of Florida, sails on northwards.

   1880:  Cologne  Cathedral  finished,  The  largest  Gothic  church  in
   northern Europe, the Cologne Cathedral, was completed after 632 years.
   Rebuilding  had  begun  Aug. 14, 1248. A fire wrecked the old church .
   First church on the site 873.

   1945:  VJ  Day, Allied Victory over Japan; end of hostilities of World
   War II.


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