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Re: Forbidden Island

I am glad to here this is a Hawaiian community still extant in that lovely 
group of islands. Enjoyed our stay nine years ago, at the north end of the 
island on which Honolulu is at the southern end, and the people whom we 
met. We rode the Circle Island bus  and people were so helpful and friendly 
- keen to point out special places - even when English was  not a language 
they had.

> > Forbidden Island Owner Dies at Age 91
> >
> > By Anthony Sommer
> > <A 
> HREF="mailto:tsommer@starbulletin.com?subject=http://starbulletin.com/2002/08/02/">tsommer@starbulletin.com</A> 
> >
> >           MAKAWELI >> Helen Matthew Robinson, 91, the owner of Niihau
> > Island and Niihau Ranch, died Wednesday, her son Keith Robinson said 
> today.
> > She was buried yesterday in a private service at the family cemetery in
> > Makaweli.

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