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Re: Sinclair Dates

At 08:49 AM 05/08/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>At 02:04 AM 05/08/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>>   [1]Tomorrow:
>>>   August 7
>>Gee John, Mr Bush sick of us Aussies being "ahead" of you
>>lot over there? (Has he changed the calendar so you're in front?)
>When the date posting software doesn't find anything for the next
>date after today, it picks the next date it can find that does
>have material listed.

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

OK John - good call!   Here is what I have found:
[1]Tomorrow:  (actually it's today here, but who's counting?)
August 6:

National Day of Bolivia.
1825: Bolivia was proclaimed an independent Republic, free
         from nearly 300 years of Spanish rule, with Antonio 
         Sucre its first President.

1881  Sir Alexander Fleming, Scottish bacteriologist and 
         discoverer of penecillin (greatly helped by Aussie 
         Howard Florey[-Ian's comment!]), born at Loudon,
         in Ayrshire.

1890  The electric chair was used for the first time in
         America, at Auburn Prison, New York - the victim
         was murderer William Kemmler.
         (interestingly, one of our local pollies just this week
          tried to rekindle interest in debating the reintroduction
          of the death penalty over here [-Ian])

1926  Gertrude Ederle of America became the first woman
         to swim the English Channel, crossing from Cap Gris
         Nez to Deal in 14.5 hours.

1945  An atom bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of
         Hiroshima from a Boeing B29 bomber 'Enola Gay'.
         (I have a Subaru 360 in my garage from Hiroshima[-Ian])

1962  Jamaica became independent after being a British
         colony for over 300 years.


   1. "Chambers Dates"  (1983)  ISBN 0 550 11827 6
        Published by W & R Chambers Ltd, Edinburgh Scotland. 


Ian in Perth, Western Australia

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