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1st. Annual British Isles Festival

I spent my 42nd. Birthday at the British Isles Festival in Harveysburg Ohio 
last Saturday. Our musically talented neighbors to the North sent us the 
Glengarry Bhoys. This is the third time I've watched them perform. It seems 
they are on the verge of bigger times as they have closed an agreement to 
play the soundtrack on an upcoming movie called "Ocean Frontage" due out next 
year. Shelly Downing, their fiddle player was once a Canadian National Step 
Dancing Champion. She now plays Celtic rock and step dances at the same time. 
The piper jumped out in the crowd and up on the bleachers and played his part 
from the audience. Lead singer Graham called out to the audience,  "who among 
ye are Scottish"? (a grand ovation ensued). "Aye", he says, "and who among ye 
are Irish"? (another strong ovation) "And who among us are English"? (a very 
small smattering of sheepish clapping) "Well now, ye have just two minuets to 
get the hell OUT"!  

Mind you, my wife is along and she IS English. I thanked her for all those 
centuries of oppression and ordered another pint.

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis
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