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Walking to Roslin

There is a bus that leaves from the bus centre at Waverley Station
marked "Roslin" There are at least two bus companies serving Edinburgh
and it's environs.  I believe the one you want is the company "First".
The other company is "Lothian".     Also - there is an express bus from
Edinburgh Airport into town for a open round trip of L 5.50.  A good
deal, makes the trip in about 15 minutes.
As far as walking - don't!!!!  Signage is poor. Go to your local
bookstore and get a copy of Collins Co,  Edinburgh City Map and a
plastic covered "Streetwise Edinburgh", which will give you all the
route numbers.
Roslin is outside the bypass road and south of Loanhead and before
Penicuik.  It will show you the route.  Generally, its about 8 miles.
>From downtown Edinburgh go south on A702, with lots of roundabouts. At
last you turn onto B7006.  This link is short.  Then drive between the
gates and there is a car park at the Chapel. The Chapel is a Church and
is used as such!  So if you are of a mind to attend and there at the
right time, you may attend service at Roslin!
Secondly, there is a style over the fence so that you can cross over and
walk to the castle from the chapel. My map shows there is a direct road,
but we didn't go there.
We had our evening meal at the pub across the road - very good!

Sinclair Dates:  about 1288 William of St. Clair was Sheriff of
Linlithgow Palace!  This is according to the booklet on the palace.

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