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RE: Roslin Chapel

While the 7 mile walk from Waverly Station to Rosslyn is certainly doable,
there are far more interesting walks in the neighborhood around Roslin.  The
trails in Rosslyn Glen are well worth walking.  You can buy a guide of the
trail sytem for 50 p at the Chaptel bookstore. To the west of Roslin are the
Pentland Hills with their many trails.  The hill nearest Edinburgh is
Caerketton Hill with postcard vistas of Edinburgh to the north and the Firth
of Forth to the northeast as far as Gullane where the British Open is now
being played.  On the north slope of the hill is the mysterious Templar
Wood, shaped like a cross.  From Caeketton Hill you also have a good view to
the southeast to Roslin, the Chapel and beyond to the little village of
Temple and Balantrodoch, the headquarters of the Knights Templar.  If you
have an Ordnance Map of the area, you can connect with a straight edge the
center of Templar Wood with Balantrodoch and the straight edge will pass
right over Rosslyn Chapel - yet another little mystery that to tease you.


Sally -- Is it reasonable to walk to Roslin from Waverley Station along the
A701?  Or is a vehicle a necessity?


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