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Re: La Marseillaise 14 July 1795

Dear Mrs Stokes,

First the Sinclair connection.  Many of our early family records are in
French.  During Roman times two main languages were documented in Scotland.
In the south the language was British or Cumbric which is P-Celtic probably
close to Welsh. In the north Pictish which was also P-Celtic appears more
related to continental Gaulish (the early French language) possibly brought
by refugees of early Roman expansion. Later on Scots language a development
evolving from Anglian borrowed many words from Old French, Dutch and German
through trading links.

Here are the translations. In no particular order. There are approximately
350 Million native French speakers in the world today.  Languages must be
translated as thought for thought not word for word.  English is a non
inflected language.  Mainland European languages are a different thought
process with the inflections.

The famous headline in the Times "Fog in Channel, Continent isolated."
reflects British thinking that the world began and ended as waves kissed the
shore of England. It is the USA in 1947. Albert Einstein looks around the
room at the assembled Great Scientific Brains and says - "You know the old
British joke about parochialism - a news vendor's sign reads "Fog In
Channel, Continent Isolated"? Here's one about the US scientific
establishment which pretends not to accept the overwhelming likelihood of
intelligent aliens in the Universe - "Fog In Earth Orbit, Universe
Isolated". Nobody laughed. They were all too frightened to laugh.  Today we
have turned our back on the Commonwealth and are half in half out of Europe.
It is an impossible situation.  You can not be half pregnant.

War, unfortunately teaches us not to hate our enimies but to despise our

Yesterday a Neo Nazi attempted to assinate Jacques Chirac, President of the
Republic of France at  the annual national day parade down the Champs

President Chirac stated "Dieu a gardé la République." God has guared the

Dans trois mots je peux résumer tout que j'ai appris au sujet de vie: il va

sinon c'est la vie...


In three words I can summarize all that I learned about life: it goes  on

That is life...

Vive la France; vive la liberté!

John S. Quarterman

Long live France, long live liberty

 A true declaration Captain, I think. Hello France!

Thank you Sinclair, also, Stan

Peut-etre la mere sont les Americains.
C'est dommage que  La Revolution Americaine etait toute finie jusqu'a 1789.
Mais tu as raison qu'il y avait la "solidarite spirituelle" entre les deux.


Maybe the mother is Americans.
It is a pity that The Revolution American was all finished until has 1789.
But you are right that there was the " spiritual " solidarity between the

Vraiment, la France est la mère spirituelle de la Révolution Américaine.


Capitaine G. André Cook
Indeed, France is the spiritual mother of the Revolution American.

Thank you.

Captain G. André Cook

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> Hi all my fellow Sinclairs.
> This Australian is not bilingual, I'm sorry to say and the language of
> France and Quebec is indecipherable to me.  While I admire your gifts,
> could we have an approximate translation for such benighted souls as
> I?    (I must admit that my school did try to teach me for two years to

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