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Re: Sinclair Dates

 Dear John

This is a really important day today. In 1568 the Dean of Old St Paul's
Cathedral, London perfected the bottling of beer. How did you miss that one?

Where would civilisation be today without that great invention and Normand

Now for the Sinclair content;
In the Iglesia Anglicana de Cono Sur de America the Rt Revd Maurice
Sinclair, the Bishop retired on 11 November 2001
Mr. Angus Sinclair is currently the Associate Organist St. Paul's Cathedral
London, ON, Canada


ref  R. Newcourt, Repertorium Ecclesiasticum Parochiale Londinense
Anglican World  Easter 2002 Issue 105

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>    [1]Tomorrow:
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>    1698:  Darien expedition sails, The first expedition sails from Leith,

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