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Sinclair Dates

   July 13

   1643:  Roundway  Down,  Wilts Royalists were demoralised despite their
   victory  eight  days  earlier  because  of  an injury to Hopton, their
   leader  Reinforcements  were  sent from Oxford as the Parliamentarians
   laid siege to Devizes where 3,000 of the Royalist force were encamped.
   In one of the most dramatic battles of the Civil War Royalist Cavalry,
   tired   by   a  long  march  attacked  Parliamentary  horse  and  foot
   outnumbering  them  by  3:1  The  loss of the Roundhead Cavalry in the
   "bloody  ditch"  marked  the end of Parliamentary strength in the West
   and was the greatest Royalist victory of the civil war.

   1680:  Battle  of  Altimarlach,  George Sinclair of Keiss loses [2]the
   last clan war to Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy.


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