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Re: O'er the ramparts we watch'd

These are quite apropos words, and I can see the truth in them. It would be
meeningless to force one's beliefs on others. This only brings hard feelings
and accomplishes nothing. Religion must of necessity be left to the pulpit
and those who choose to listen and adhere to its message. The public schools
must be kept free of the grueling disagreements which would prevail as a
result of forced religious practices in them. The pledge which began this
discussion, as I feel that you understand I and many others do not see as
I have personally made my feelings clear on the list. And in the immortal
words of Forest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that".

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>Religious faith or the lack of it is and should be a private affair," I
>ever thought religion a concern purely between our God and our consciences,

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