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Re: O'er the ramparts we watch'd

Dear Sinclair,

As a nineth generation American born Sinclair my heart pumps loudly when
mention of patriotism is heard resounding from the souls of others. I
proudly fly the stars and stripes daily, not just on holidays,
and appreciate from the bottom of my heart when a European recognizes the
value of American bravery and the fight for freedom that our ancestors have
waged. I am a descendant of a proud "Sinkler" who fought in the American

It saddens me when an athiest can have the words "UNDER GOD" removed from
our pledge in schools, but can not keep violence out of them. I quote with
gusto the ancient Sinclair motto, "Commit thy work to God", and crow about
it with the cock on the seal. We who believe in a Supreme Being will
continue to use the traditional pledge of allegiance to the star spangled
banner, for no one can kill the warmth in our hearts. Our founding fathers
like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and even Arthur St. Clair, no
doubt, would roll over in their graves if they could see the direction our
Union has taken.

My prayer is that we all work for peace and tranquility among all men, and
an acknowledgement that "In God We Trust".

Have I been mushy enough for Independence day?

Stan St. Clair, Georgia Commissioner, Clan Sinclair

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>                    "Lives there a man with soul so dead,
>                       that never to himself hath said,
>                    'This is my own, my native land?'"

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