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Sinclair Dates

   July 2

   1035:  Robert  I, the Magnificient, d., Duke of Normandy dies, Nicaea,
   Bithynia, Turkey

   1644: Battle of Marston Moor,

   1644:  Marston  Moor,  One of the decisive battles in English history.
   The  long  dominance of the King was broken as his Northern Army under
   Newcastle   was   destroyed   and   York  was  taken.  Parliament  was
   strengthened  by  an  alliance  with  the  Scots which explained their
   preponderance of numbers. Parliament attacked decisively at the end of
   the  day  just  as the Royalists had decided there was to be no action
   that  afternoon.  Cromwell  was wounded . . . and nearly 6,000 died in


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