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Re: New Research Centre

Dear Mark,

The new cntre is dedicated primarily to Norman and Medieval history and will
be of interest to  all people of Norman descent. It will cover the Viking
settlement of Normandy and the development of Norman society. Naturally it
will also cover Norman influence in Italy; the creation of the Norman
Kingdom of Sicily; The Norman invasion of England and the resulting
influence of Noramn families on the aristocracy of England, Scotland, Wales
and Ireland. Also covered will be Noramn contributions to the monastic
movement, the Crusades and the Knightly orders, the reconquista of Spain as
well as Noramn influence on the Kingdoms of Portugal and Aragon.

The continuing influence of Norman families on the development of French
Society up to and including the revolution is also of interest.

With all due respect to Noss Head, there will be no real comparison as the
buildings, accomodation, library and publishing activities being planned
will far exceed those planned atr Noss Head. Hopefully the two centres will
complement each other and not be in direct competion

Will keep you informed of future developments.

Best wishes


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