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Re: Census & Cemetery Transciption


There are Sinclairs/ St. Clairs in all US Censuses. The highest
consentration of St. Clairs are in Virginia, Ohio, Texas, and California. I
don't have data on consentration of SInclairs. I have several books on St.
Clairs in the US, and their migration. I also have an FTM GEDCOM containing
thousands of St. Clairs, SInclairs, and ttheir kin. Most of these are in my
line. They spell their names St. Clair, Sinclair, and St. Claire.  I am
trying to accumulate the largest file of the descendants of Alexander
Sinkler in existance. The list is ever growing. Not enough time to get
everything copied to my personal files.

There are great sources on the Internet through the Find a Grave, and other
sites, for actual cemetery information. You may be able to download, or at
least print the results for your use in the tent. I have obtained much info
this way which has been very helpful in assembling my SInclair collection of

If I can help you by being more specific, please let me know and I can send
you links.

Stan St. Clair, GA Commissioner, Clan Sinclair

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Date: Thursday, June 20, 2002 1:25 PM
Subject: Census & Cemetery Transciption

I am looking for any Censuses references or Cemetery Transcriptions of All
Sinclair (or St. Clair, Sinkler, etc.) located in the world.

I have pull out Sinclairs' listed in the following:

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