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Sinclairs every where but Roslin

Dear Stanley

This is what Americans baseball fans call a triple play.  We got Sinclairs
all over the place in this potboiler, everywhere but Roslin it seems.

George Wishart was a schoolteacher in Montrose. In Montrose he was charged
with heresy for teaching the Greek New Testament. Never mind he taught the
same material in Bristol  he was again charged with the same offence.

Exit Britain quickly.  Wishart went to the Calvanists in Switzerland and
Germany before returning to England where he spent six years at Cambridge.
He returned to Scotland in 1543 where John Knox, of Sinclair fame, joined
him. Not long after this he was arrested by Bothwell, of Sinclair fame
before being tried for heresy by David Cardinal Beaton,  who had briefly
served as chaplain to the Earl of Caithness before becoming the Chancellor
of Glasgow Cathedral in 1519. Wishart was found guilty and burned at St

David Beaton was educated at the University of Paris.  In 1519 he acted as
an ambassador to France.  His uncle, James, resigned as Commendator of
Arbroath he became Commendator in 1524. By 1528 he was Keeper of the Privy
Seal and he was back in France again as ambassador in 1533. The Stuarts
loved him James V  sent him to France in 1538 to bring Mary of Guise back to
Scotland. Ole Jimmy five needed a second wife. The French, who knew he
disliked Henry VIII of England, they made him Bishop of Mirepoix in 1537 and
the Pope, who by this time was not overly fond of Henry VIII made him a
Cardinal in 1538.  James V died. Beaton tried for ultimate power. He failed
due to the intervention of the pro-English party, he found himself in
prison. He was free again by 1543 when he crowned Mary, Queen of Scots. He
also became Chancellor in 1543. During 1544 and 45 he fell out of favour.
The English invasions were in part caused by his anti-English policies.


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