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Re: Scottish Tartans Society, Scotland & NC

I remember the East Flat Rock Playhouse and Bat Cave and a festival for the
Apple Princess.  duPont had built a plant to make artificial leather. The
milk was from Biltmore Dairy.  The Castle had special ramps for the horses
to walk up and what was said to be Caesar's bathtub My attraction was the
home of Thomas Wolfe of 'Look Homeward Angle'.  When we are young and full
of passion all of that makes so much sense. On the main street there was
Sinclair office supplies.

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>  Small world.  I went to summer camp for 3 years as a child in Flat Rock,
NC.  Beautiful there.
>   Mel Sinclair <melsinclair1@yahoo.com> wrote: I live about 40 miles from
Hendersonville. Did you visit Carl

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