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Clan Tent

Howdy Folks,

I have been asked backlist to explain how I did some of the things in my Clan Tent. I reply this way then everybody gets to hear how nuts I am.  First and foremost I give credit to our past Western VP Gary Sinclair.  KISS keep it simple silly.  Everything breaks down and fits in one short bed pick up or standard blazer or explorer SUV.  Zip ties rule.  The other secret is landscaping mesh.  I have a standard 9.5 ft pop up tent and then the walls are light blue to gray lanscaping mesh.  The zip ties hold the mesh to the tent frame and then they sell plastic grommets that are easy to push through the mesh for a better fit.  However the mesh does not really need the grommets.  The bottom is attached with tent spikes.  The side walll that extends out is also the mesh.  The top frame is standard 9ft trim molding with strategically drilled holes.  The pole at the end is a Landscaping Crook (used for hanging plants) and then the base is a wrought iron umbrella stand.  All photos are double sided taped to colored construction paper 19in by 26in and then lamanated.  Each corner has a grommet that are available at fabric stores.  They come in gold or silver tone and are easy to install.  They even come with a small tool.  Buy small zip ties use a paper clip and pull the mesh out slip through the zip and tie to grommet.  You now have a wall that the wind passes through and is water proof.  The zips hold evrything in place and you do not spend half the games chasing things across the field.  The photos are my own from Scotland along with post cards I purchased to help out the displays.  Again all are lamanated.  Kinkos can do up to 36inches.  The flag poles are roled steel and are available from your local flag supplier.  They are coated in vinyl with wood grain print.  Available in Oak or Dark Oak.  They do not warp, splinter or bend and they weigh half as much as wood.  The falg poles rest in PVC pipe attahced at the back corners by you guessed it zip ties.  This way your flags fly above evryone else you do not clog up in between the tents and you do not have to change poles or monkey with a flag stand.  You pull em out and you're on your way.  The dummies came from a local deopartment store.  They have tons of them.  You want a wierd look go in and ask where they put the dead dummies.  25 bucks a piece.  The displays I have are beautiful drawings or posters I have picked up from other Clan Members, Gary, Niven or things I found on the internet.  I often print out stuff from the website coat it in plastic and put it in the tent.  The tartans of Sinclair for example.  If you do not have tartan as I once did not print them out put them in those book report deals of your kids and put a twisty tie on the corner.  Table cloths are black top sheets.  Gary told me how to make the shield.  Hardboard painted attached to a Realtor sign spike.  Anyway after a couple of years the stuff adds up.  KISS and light.  People like the pictures they all stop and look.  Keep the tent open.  Do a corner deal and they walk through, do the sides and you get a tunnel and people are afraid of the dark.  Zip ties, landscaping mesh and the like are all available at Home Depot or Lowes.  And just think when you retire from the Games circut your whole tent can be converted to backyard gardening supplies.

John Liley
Army of One 
Sinclair in Utah
Salt Lake City