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Re: Sinclair Timeline

Dear John:

I recognized the Satayana quote and would have been delighted to have
(jovially) made someone  hoist on their own "tweak the Americans"
petard.... but you were a faster draw on your keyboard. than little me.

I heartily endorse your "baby and bathwater"  analogy....   things have been
fairly civil recently but there have been times over the past year or so
when I thought History had become a blood sport.

I am quite happy to read errors and see them discussed/debated/corrected.  I
am less interested in "purity"  and arguments toward such a thing.  History,
like life, is a work in progress. Some folks are more advanced in particular
parts of one or the other than I may be,  but you can bet your boots that I
am better at something else.   It pays well for all concerned to come to
both pursuits  with humility and thanks and generosity.

I am gonna cry in a minute....


There,  I feel much better now


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