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Sinclair Gathering 2002

Hi All, 

We returned from Scotland last Saturday, and I've almost recovered.  It was a 
wonderful first trip.  We met so many Sinclair Clan members, and everyone was 
just delightful.

We started out a few days early in Edinburgh to see Rosslyn Chapel.  Being 
from a small town - and not having used public transport before, we led a 
merry chase to get there, but it was worth all the effort!  The Chapel was 
simply beautiful!  We met up with the others in Inverness and then traveled 
to Wick just in time for the Queen's visit.

The tour was well organized with fascinating things to see.  Malcolm was a 
great guide!

We thought we had never been so cold, until we took the boat trip, then we 
were really cold!  The temperature here was 92 yesterday, so the weather in 
Scotland was quite a shock.

I have posted some of my pics and I hope this address works, if not let me 
know, and I will try to send them another way.


My special thanks to my dinner companions at the Birthday Banquet, I can't 
remember the last time I was so well entertained!

Lisa Burns
South Carolina

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