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Re: Sinclair Timeline

dear Wallace-Murphy

"prince" William and all the "princes" of Caithness down to our present
"prince" Malcolm have created lasting, recorded and provable achievements.
Exception is taken with your comments Wallace-Murphy quote"A poor reflection
upon history and a dreadful commentary on the intelligence of those  who
believe this flim-flam." We are armature historians who rely on second hand
information and historical novels.  This does not mean the I and other list
participants are unintelligent it simply means that we are poorly informed.
I have seen the identification of a French king's flag as that Mi'qmaq
people and the absurd claim that that proved "prince"Henry was a Templar,
using a Templar fleet to carry Templar treasure to Oak Island and the he was
even present in America.  I can make no logical connection.

With your statement Wallace-Murphy quote "Earl William was undoubtedly a
Gnostic. However, while the Cathars obviously had some beliefs in common
with Earl William and other followers of the  Templar tradition, proving any
form of direct linkage is, in true historical terms, rather difficult if not
downright impossible. Just because they shared certain beliefs does not
prove contact." Endquote I fail to make a connection from Gnostic to Cathar
to Templar.  The Templars took no part in  the Albigensian Crusade. Why?
belief system?  No one hired these Paladins? They were busy elsewhere?

To paraphrase Niven Sinclair's Zeno quote "It there ever was a man worthy of
immortal memory it was "prince"William." To seal the building of a statue we
are fortunate in having an engraving of 'prince' William.  We have no idea
what 'prince' Henry looked like.


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> Dear Sinclair,
> The story is told that at the first night of one of George Bernard Shaw's
> plays, the audience went into raptures as the final curtain dropped. The

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