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Re: sinclair-digest V2 #858

For some reason I'm getting duplicate mailings - can  you fix it so I don'
t.  My correct e-mail address is


Evelyn Sinclair Williams Hlabse
Hlabse Homepage:  http://members.telocity.com/~hlabse/home.html
Sinclair - South Ronaldsay, Orkney, Scotland
Drever - South Ronaldsay and Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Stewart - Stromness and Orphir, Orkney,Scotland
MacAskill - Isle of Skye, Scotland
Williams - Isle of Skye, Scotland and Renfrew, Scotland

On Monday, May 20, 2002, at 03:45  AM, sinclair-digest wrote:

> sinclair-digest          Monday, May 20 2002          Volume 02 : Number 
> 858

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