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Sinclair link in the Midwest US?

This is an extract from my own email list that generally addresses sacred
geometry, etc. Here I'm mentioning a grid system that uses an apparent
Sinclair link as its main interface with higher formats. Its from an article
I did which ostensibly uses the same structure in Rev. 6:6. This note tends
to be a bit technical but not overly much.
Subj: US Midwest pentagon earth grid: the "Great Lakes Biome" (also of
possible Clan Sinclair interest):

There is a most unusual grid found in Peter Champoux's THE GAIA MATRIX on
page 117. It shows a huge 5-point, penta-star centered at Sault Ste. Marie,
Michigan/Ontario and extending as far as the 3 shown points: Duluth (where
we have a Temple of the Emerald Mar installed at Split-Rock Lighthouse
National Park), Chicago, and Niagara Falls. There is a mid-point on the base
line (as described in the above 5-point Revelation seed schematic) where
LAKE ST. CLAIR empties into the St. Clair River flowing past
Detroit/Windsor. The center axis would seem to pivot in the combined towns:
ROSEVILLE, and ST. CLAIR SHORES next to the lake and near the river

This possible connection with Clan Sinclair is almost amusing in that many
of Europes' main Reshel Grid energy-control poles have had direct Sinclair
links. Here in the middle US in a major Reshel grid we have the same. Other
Reshel complementing systems are in Nova Scotia, the ARKHOM grid covering
the East Coast of Canada and US discovered by Peter Champoux (found in his
book: The Gaia Matrix), and in the vast Bakhira Grid covering North and
South America and spanning from the Pacific into western Europe. (My theory:
this grid is the schematic found on the Westford Knight stone, a seed stone
in the Arkhom Grid.)

An old friend of mine, practiced in Reshel dynamics, has recently reported
"blissing out" repeatedly. She lives in Sault Ste. Marie and might be
experiencing a Metatronic shift in the Great Lakes Biome.

The two "not shown" points in the North and NE are the ones usually not
obvious due to their more refined energetic functions. Its a fail-safe
mechanism. Unless the rest of the system is first mastered these points
would not kick-in and the penta-star would abort.


Bill Buehler

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