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Re: Plea for Masonic help - genealogy

Hi Glen,

Yours is the first reply I have read, as mine are in alphabetical order. It
is good to hear from you again. If I do not get the help I need from others,
I would greatly appreciate any help you can get while in Norfolk.

The emblem on the stone is the standard Masonic emblem which is on lodges.

The cemetery guide job sounds interesting. I always enjoy browsing in
graveyards. I have been to Mountain VIew Mortuary and Cemetery twice, as it
belongs to the Firm there of which I am a Regional Marketing Director.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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>Others have given you info as to the GL of Virginia.  Sometimes the GL is
>unable to do the records search, but will let you do so.  If that is the
>case, I will be tentatively be in Virginia at the end of July, and would be
>happy to go to the GL and check for you if time permits (I will be in

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