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King of Terrors

Dear friends,

I am reliably informed that Andrew Sinclair had absolutely nothing to do with
the discoveryand/or rescue of the stone known as 'The King of Terrors'.
Furthermore any of Andrew's claims to be the discoverer of anything to do with
Rosslyn should be treated with a large pinch of salt. He claims credit for
everything and never gives an accurate attribution for his so-called

The Masonic stone known as the King of Terros that rests in the crypt at
Rosslyn was rediscovered in Old Pentland Graveyard by Martin Gordon in, or
about, 1990. Niven heard about this, saw it and the two grave templar markers
and, under his instruction, they were moved into the chapel for safe-keeping
by 'The Friends of Rosslyn' about ten or eleven years ago.

The King of Terrors dates from approximately 1600-1650. Other similar markers
still can be found at Old Pentalnd churchyard and a similar stone from the
same source may well have been in the chapel during the ninteeth century. The
Templar graave marker that lies near the King of Terrors in the crypt is
either an authentic Templar stone or, more probably, an early seventeenth
century carving in the Templar tradition. It is difficult to decide as the
large incision on its upper surface (designed to house a missing vertical
stone) complicates the issue. This type of usage was virtualléy unknown in the
true Templar era. Therefore the question remains was this an original Templar
marker that was later modified or, alternatively a seventeenth century
'replica' to mark a masonic grave? An unanswerable problem for me at the

I hope this clarifies the question of provenance a little.

Best wishes

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