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for Wanda - searching for family where?

Hello Wanda, I am searching for the Arthur Sinclair line. I started with
third hand information to get a body of information to check out. I am
finding information in the US Census, US Navy records, Tucker's Virginia
Marriages, Records held at the Library of Virginia, Henning Statutes,
Lower Norfolk (something, much like Hennings Statutes in the type of
records only after the Revolution) Records held the Episcopal Church, in
the case of Bishop Whittle and his sons.  Bland church where his son
served and is buried. and various early records of heraldry looking for
the right set of arms to verify the signet Arthur wore and used. I have
also asked Archives in Lerwick to look for "my" Arthur. I am also
planning to look at GRO, SRO, the State Library of Scotland, and the
Scottish Genealogical Library in Edinburgh. But only if I have enough
specific information to use.
I am told that the ladies at Haddington Library may have some
information on the Herdmanston Sinclairs.

For the gentleman who will be at Roslyn, my thoughts, if not myself  are
with you.  Sally

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