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Re: Genealogy

I'm doing my family's history from North Carolina - center of the state 
(Sampson County). Family, every second generation or so, married various 
members of the King family of the same county. Rufus King (William R. D. 
King) was Vice President (1853 under Pierce) of the US in the 19th century 
(died on vacation in Puerto Rico). Anyone have any evidence if it was a 
Sinclair woman who gave birth to Rufus? John Sinclair.

At 03:09 PM 5/15/02 +0100, you wrote:
>I`m researching the family history for the Sinclairs of the paper making
>of Penicuik(4miles south of Roslin).Where my father and grand father were
>Witreasonablesuccess post 1798,but nothing much pre.
>Paid a recent first to Canada recently , doing the tourist spots in Toronto
>and Niagarah had a great time.
>Will be visiting the auld country next month,staying in our caravan right
>next to Roslin chapel and celebrating the 90th. birthday of mother in law.
>I would be grateful if you could forward the Sinclair details extracted from

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