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Re: St. Arnulf& Genealogy

Catholic Saints on line say "St. Arnold d.c. 800Feastday: July 8 A confessor
in the court of Charlemagne. Arnold was a Greek by birth, entering the
service of Charlemagne. He was noted for his charity to the poor. A village,
Amold-Villiers, was named after him, near Jülich."

I like the beer story better berserk is really a corruption of beer seeker,
a proper name for Vikings!

There is another St Arnold, the patron saint of Belgium brewers.
The Catholic Encyclopaedia says "St. Arnulf of Metz, Statesman, bishop under
the Merovingians, born c. 580; died c. 640. His parents belonged to a
distinguished Frankish family, and lived in Austrasia, the eastern section
of the kingdom founded by Clovis. ........ In due course Arnulf was married
to a Frankish woman of noble lineage, by whom he had two sons, Anseghisel
and Clodulf. While Arnulf was enjoying worldly emoluments and honours he did
not forget higher and spiritual things. .........Of the two sons of Arnulf,
Clodulf became his third successor in the See of Metz. Anseghisel remained
in the service of the State; from his union with Begga, a daughter of Pepin
of Landen, was born Pepin of Heristal, the founder of the Carolingian
As I read the genealogy table if you are descended from Charlemagne you
would have to be also descended from the patron of Belgium Brewers.  To
Kings, Emperors, Princes, Emirs, The Prophet please add a Saint and a Mayor
of the Palace and don't forget Jack who died at 93.


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This is the story of the proper St. Arnulf.

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