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11 May 1814 &1862

The Americans defeated the King's navy at Battle of Plattsburgh on 11 May
Capt. Daniel Pring R.N. of His Majesty's 16-gun brig Linnet wrote to
Commodore Sir James Yeo, commanding His Majesty's navy in Canada from the
United States Ship SARATOGA, Plattsburg-Bay Lake Champlain, 12 Sept 1814

"The painful task of making you acquainted with the circumstances attending
the capture of his Majesty's squadron yesterday, by that of the Americans
under Commodore M`Donough...... I recommend to your notice Mr Muckle, the
gunner, Mr Clarke, master's mate, Messrs. Towke and (J) Sinclair,
midshipmen, the latter of whom was wounded in the head....."

On 11 May 1862 Captain's Clerk: Arthur Sinclair, Jr. was on board the CSS
Virginia off Norfolk, Virginia when the rebels were forced to scuttle the

 11 May might not be a good Sinclair date.


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