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Roslin or Rosslyn?

Subject: Rosslyn/Roslin meaning and spelling.

The question is why spell the chapel one way (Rosslyn) and the town another

I don't have the answer about the spelling other than that numerical codes
usually associated with language(s) would vary the effect of each site
according to the separate spellings. (My only translation source is Dwelly's
Gaelic to English Dictionary.) I feel that the two places form an energetic
unity, including the Castle to make a triunity.

We can learn much, however from the meanings of the two words: ros/ross and
lyn/lin/linne. RE the "rose" as a flower it is traditionally a symbol of
perfection and completion. The more exact understanding comes from the
number of petals used in the design or associated with the bloom in some
manner (in "ross-lyn" it is 12; this numerology probably also influences the
name "Rose Window" applied to the Marian cathedrals since most use the "12"
as primary themes).

There is also undoubtedly a connection with the Hebrew word: "rosh/resh"
which means the "chief head stone." This is a code within itself found in
the protosiniatic coding of the Hebrew alphabet. The alphabet system, when
using the original glyphs for each letter, provides a highly technical
description of an energy/consciousness grid designed into the Marian
cathedrals and also earth grids. Rosslyn has it in great detail and

Another widely used application of the Rose is the Western correspondence
with the Eastern Lotus, and that generally relates to divine illumination.
The Western usage leans more to its relating to the "Grail"; this cup is
also a part of the Hebrew codes and again it is found in Rosslyn as well as
the Clan Sinclair Arms albeit this last is my own belief arrived at after
extensive work with sacred geometry used by Templars and later Masons. The
specific "cup" energetic is a relatively shallow dish in shape and is found
by drawing a vesica pisces using the "Christos Angle" or "Bethlehem Angle"
of 26 degrees, 18' 9.7". This angle is found in the Great Pyramids' two
ascension passageways of initiation and is also the angle from the Gizeh
Plateau to Bethlehem. (There are a few direct connections with Pyramid
dynamics and the Sinclair 1398 expedition, and Westford Knight... not
addressed here... but these were relevant to the Sinclair Templars.) The
angle defines the depth of the cup as used in the Engrailed Cross... or so I
believe. It is also the angle of offset used in Henrys' Shamir Arms...
again, my theory. (If I'm correct, his Arms requires some small corrective
work.) There are startling applications of the angle in many grids in GB and

Regarding "linn/lin/linne/": lin means "lion, thread, line, series, score."
Linn" means "age, a century, a generation, race, offspring, family,  a brood
hen, a brood of 12 chicks, wet." "Linne" means "pool, pond, lake, linn,
gulf, mill-dam, channel, waterfall, sea, abyss, strait, sound, entrance to a
gulf, pool in a river." ("Lyn" is not listed.) As in most languages part of
hiding one message within another more obvious... "smoke"... is to spell a
word one way but a similarly pronounced word with different spelling can be
the real meaning. With Hebrew this is a very common trick and the words are
usually complementary. There are over a dozen overlaps or "templates" in the
ross-linn sound that are relevant to the spiritual function of the place.

One that peaks the list is the "Rose-Line-of-12" which is also the dynamics
of the Druid's Cord (of 12 knots, 13 if we tie the two ends together).
Generally this line is in a ring or zodiacal temple format: 12 Tribes, 12
Disciples, et al, however in GB the line is more widely used. There are a
number of candidates for "The Rose Line" but my favorite is the line from
Thurso south through Arthur's Seat (Holy-Rood Sanctuary in Edinburgh),
Rosslyn/Roslin as a matrix, Glastonbury Tor, Island of Guernsey, St.
Nazaire, Island of Yeu, and on to San Sebastian/Hendaye in Spain/France.

I think that the "Brood Hen of 12" is the other side of the Sinclair Cock
that will fertilize the Line of 12 or Line of the Rose. A most remarkable
grid is found on this Line. If we use the Bethlehem Angle from Edinburgh and
Glastonbury Tor, to intersect in the west, the intersection is just off the
Holy Head, Holy Island at Anglesey. The "Head/Rosh" actually looks like a
head with beard, nose, mouth, helmet with an Ureaus Serpent that is nearest
the intersection point at sea. In effect the Serpent holds the apex of this
grail triangle, ostensibly the same one in the Engrailed Cross.

But there is more to the Anglesey grid: there is also an arm with open hand
(thumb down) extended from Mt. Snowdon which is the heart below the Head.
Under this open hand is spread Cardigan Bay. This bay forms the same cup,
using the same Bethlehem Angle when measured from the Heart (Snowdon) across
the bay to Cape St. David. The shore line also follows the construction
lines closely. Then this cup pours into another similar, and larger cup
linked with another major grid spanning into southern England. (This last
grid was discovered by first finding the long ley line from Malta NW through
Monte Rosa in the Alps, on to Montrose in Scotland.)

There are over eight of these hitherto secret grid systems in Europe and the
Edinburgh Reshel (grid) Matrix is common to all of them. Rosslyn controls
this vast system. The Marian cathedrals are a smaller, but vital part of
this large container or "grail."

William of Crestone

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