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Roslin, etal

Hello all, As I have been looking for and at Roslyn for a while now, I
wish to add this comment on its name.  Phonetically spelled on many
documents, Roslyn, Rosslyn, Roslin, Roselin Rozlin, Rozlyn, you get the
idea.  I read in my travel guide that the village appeared first now
spelled Roslin and then the castle - which seems a little strange,
castles usually protect the people living around them. The oldest
spelling I find is Roslyn, which I use, whether correct or not.

Second thought:  Abusive comments from people who just have to "vent
their spleen".
Tim has said from time to time he has received such from various
sources. Now Sinclair tells us he is likewise a recipient. A coward
dares not show his true name and address lest someone, maybe the
law/email providers take them to task. Freedom of speech does not allow
for abuse/harassment of others.  It has been said that various people
put forth such to shut up the original speaker.  Baronage Press was
forced off line by person(s) who filled their email lines so that no
other messages could not get in. If what I read is correct, it is an
ongoing battle.
Whether Earl/Jarl (Sir) Henry Sinclair was truly a "Prince", a king's
son or rightful ruler of a land may or may not be.  I believe that at
one time, before Germany was a nation, there were various titles to the
"CEO" of the segments of "Germany".  But to start foaming at the mouth
to dispute the subject is foolish.  Better to argue as to the language,
view of rulership of the century in which Sir Henry lived.  Fourteenth
Century - hum? Who is the best person to translate 14th century thinking
to today's language? - not today's thinking!  Who has definite knowledge
of such things in Norway of the 14th Century?

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