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Re: abuse post

>Those using Windows-based systems can check their machine's susceptibility
>to such use on the "Shields Up!" site at:
>For those technically-oriented Sinclairs, there's some very interesting
>articles about stealth ports, "bots", DOS attacks, etc.. on this site.

OK, I've added that to the list of web pages in
>yours in stealth,

While I'm sure we all appreciate the efforts of you and others
to improve people's awareness of viruses, firewalls, and security,
this is not the list for that.

Such lists exist, for example:

On lists dedicated to such subjects you can get more and better information
about such topics than you can get here.

Can we get back to the subjects of this list, please.
In the next message I will repost the charter of this list.

>Ian Newman
>Perth, Western Australia

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

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