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Re: a new Rollo homepage

There is no "Tomb" of Clair. His bones are kept in a red and gilded glassed
coffin, warped in red velvet.  When you go into the church walking towards
the main altar you will find a secondary alter on the left, just under the
stained glass window of Rollo bearing he date of 912, the year of Rollo's
baptism.  On this altar rests the bones, once a year the bones are carried
in the streets.  The smaller coffin contains the bones of his disciple St
Cyr.  I think that you might be thinking of the hut/chapel built on the 1000
anniversary of Clair's beheading. From the enclosure containing the
beheading stone and hut the gardens run to the Epte.

Clair was an Englishman from Rochester.  He lived in at least 9 different
hut in the French forests.A jealous woman sent his killers out from England
to do him in for spurning him.  The Holy well is said to have sprung from
the spot where his blood spilt on the ground.

Hell hath no fury

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> The tomb of St. Clair and his well are worth a visit as well along with
> gardens down to the river.
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