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Re: Genealogy

I always have my ears open for any genealogical information. My line is that
of John of Exeter, and I have followed the Sinclair lineage as worked out by
the late Pete Cummings. There have been a couple of questions raised
recently about if John's parents truly are as stated in Morrison's book. I
would be interested in any thoughts on this.
I recently posted my tree at Rootsweb's World Connect if anyone is
Anyone interested in the  Saints should click on 'S'; for ease in navigation
I listed them as Saint Margaret, etc.
I relied on the following site quite a bit.
It looks like most of my sources made it thru the upload.
Anyone who would like to use this tree as a springboard for discussion or
contact me about what additional information I may have ( my humble notes
are not included online), please feel free to do so.
4 Saints, Robert Bruce, James Douglas, Earl William are a scant tip of the
iceberg- we have much to proud of.
Take care, Kevin

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