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Sinclair Dates

   April 12

   1229:  Albigensians,  From  1208 until this date a Crusade was held in
   the  southwest  corner  of  France  (Languedoc  or Provence) against a
   people   who   called   themselves   Christians.  Others  called  them
   Albigensians  after their town of Albi, or [2]Cathars. Their crime was
   a  heretical  interpretation  of  the  religion and too much political
   power, in the person of Raymond VI of Toulouse (1194-1212), who on the
   onset  of  the crusade declared himself Catholic and tried to lead it,
   but later fought for the Cathars.

   1567: George is Foreman,
   [3]George  4th Earl Caithness is foreman of the Jury at the trial that
   acquitted  James,  Earl  of  Bothwell, for the murder of Lord Darnley.
   Bothwell then married Mary Queen of Scots.

   1700:  Darien  II  abandoned,  The  Colony is abandoned for the second
   time.  Pimienta  takes  possession of it. The Hope of Bo'ness sails to
   Carthagena. Her master surrenders the ship to the Spanish.


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