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Lord Tarleton

    I have erased your original message with its links but now wonder
whether it Is  possible that you found your information on Philippe
Sinclair, Lord Tarleton, on one of these links:



I have corresponded with the author of at least the first link above which
contains a fictional family tree.  The answer is below.  As you can see,
this family tree is fictional and thus is no proof that Philippe Sinclair
ever existed.  It is even possible that by now others have copied these
pages and you got your information from one of the spin offs that are

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> Yes, they are part of a series of historical fantasy novels by Katherine
> Kurtz, set in an alternate universe similar to our own mediveal world in
> many ways, yet very different in others.  The homepage
> http://www.mindspring.com/~rebldavis/home.html explains it all. :)

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