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Castle Mey

I watched an abbreviated version of the House of Commons tribute to the Queen Mother last night. Many spoke of her fondness for Caithness, Salmon fishing in the Thurso river (I suppose with the seals now in residence), and Castle Mey in particular. Our own John Thurso was seated prominately just behind Charles Kennedy and as Charles spoke he elududed to the Castle Mey Trust and that Lord Caithness was one of the Trustees. Another gentleman spoke of the Castle Mey being open this summer. Does anyone know of the plans of the trust in respect to Castle Mey.

A longer version of this was to run on CSPAN this morning at 450am, but I have to leave for work by 530am. Charles Kennedy suggested that John Thurso wanted to speak in more deatil later in the session, but I guess he has to be called upon by the speaker, who is from Gleasca'.

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis
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