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Re: Jeff's New Article

Dear Laurel,

There is a ring of a great deal of truth in what you have said. At first, I
thought you wouldn't reach Jeff, since he is off the list presently, but I
see you have included him specifically in your addressees. There will always
be two sides to every story, at minimum. The point about the family name is
very valid. As it has been said, "The family name is St. Clair, the clan is
Sinclair." Though for many the family name is also SInclair, and has been
since 1455 with the creation of the Earls of Caithness.

I am one who believes in the continuation of the Templars, though false
groups have definately tried to lay claim to the title. And I don't want to
resurrect that dead horse. I would be interested at some point in reading
the book you mentioned by Peter Partner.

By the way, Tim has a new email address, and you could get to him off-list
as well.

As always,


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