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Re: North Carolina

Hi Karen, Rebecca, Kozy and all interested in the highland emigration to NC

We're just returning from the Scottish Heritage Symposium in Laurinburg, so
I thought I'd fill you in.  First of all, I had no idea that the area is so
rich in Scottish heritage!  Im told that there are most people of "Scottish
ancestry" in NC than anywhere else - even Scotland!   The local highschool
has the Scottish flag flying right beside the American one!

The Conference was very interesting - the speakers were all topnotch people
in their field, but I think the one you would be most interested in was
Beverly Boyko, an archeologist at Fort Bragg, where there are two pioneer
churches and graveyards.  She has early maps and indexes of early landowners
before the area was taken over by the government for the fort in 1919, and
their website is
http://www.bragg.army.mil/culturalresource (or something like that!)

St. Andrew's Presbyterian College, Scottish Heritage Centre has a very good
library, but we didn't have time to go through very much of it, since the
young man who is in charge of it, is also the librarian, and was running the
symposium.  We had to forgive him - he was also the only other Sinclair
descendant we met out of the 125 attendees!  (FYI - Daniel/Donald Sinclair
and Flora MacKenzie, m. ca 1817 in Islay emigrated 1820)

We would probably attend the symposium again, and if I thought we had
Sinclairs in that part of the world, I would plan to spend more time in the
area -lots of museums, archives and libraries to explore.


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>Toni, thanks for the message on the list.  No, I didn't have much time to
>research in North Carolina when I was there 5 years ago, and we
>on the archives at the big universities--even then, we didn't cover all we
>would have liked.  Please, please take notes!  We'd love to hear about your

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