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Re: The Louisbourg Cannon

Dear Friends,

The cannon in question was, according to Andrew Sinclair, manufactured in
Venice and only used for a very brief timespan. His statements to that
effect are grossly innacurate and just plain wrong.

. Firstly, while the original design was Venetian, it was also manufactured
and used by the Portuguese and the French, and far from being used only in
the timespan stated by Andreww, was in common use by the navies and mercahnt
ships of both Portugal and France until the mid-sixteenth century.

The Cannon in Nova Scotia were French in origin and have absolutely nothing
to do with either Earl Henry or Venice. They are identical in style and
manufacture to the numerous other examples found further south in the
present USA, which are all relics of French exploration and attempted

If every cannon of that type found in North America was attributred to Henry
St Clair, then all I can say is that Earl Henry was damnably careless with
expensive ordinance - almost profligate in fact. Not only were there several
such at Lousiburg, but some fifteen others that were found much further

Andrew's thesis that Henry landed at Lousiburg based upon the cannon, is
nonsense from start to finish - as his attempts to delineate the smoking
mountain rapidy demonstrate.

The case for the landing at Gusborough, which confirms the details in the
Zeno Narrative, is convincing and, according to Prfessor Hobbes, cannot be
anywhere else on the North American continent.

Lousiburgh is a fscinating historical site in its own right - as a site of
French Colonial history that does not pertain in any way to the Earl Henry

Best wishes


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