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Re: Chinese Discovery of America

>       Tonight I lookd up in my copy of the book They All Discovered America 
>by Charles Michael Boland, Doubleday & Co. Garden City, N.Y.: 1961 about the 
>Chinese discovery of America.  This book is out of print, but available in 
>libraries.  Mr. Boland states that in 499 A.D. a Chinese Buddhist monk named 
>Hoei-Shin sailed to North America, Mexico and possibly South America in order 
>to bring the Buddhist religion to the Native American peoples in America.

That's one I hadn't heard of before.  Other people seem to have heard of him:

Interestingly enough, Hoei-Shin was apparently a contemporary of St. Brendan,

the Irish monk who allegedly sailed to America for the same purpose, albeit
on behalf of a different religion.

Hm, here's a paper that notes both the Chinese and the Irish monks,
and cites both the same source you do, plus one Frederick J. Pohl,
Atlantic Crossings Before Columbus. W. W. Norton &Company, Inc.
New York, 1961:


Readers please note well that I didn't express an opinion as to whether
any of these alleged voyages actually happened or not.

>       Today I tried to call up your web-site about the Sinclairs and could 
>not do so.  I think I may not have the correct website address.  Could you 
>please give it to me?  I have always learned much from this site and enjoy 
>looking at it.  Thank you.


>Susan M. Grady
>Alexandria, Virginia

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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