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Re: Re[2]: The Henry Voyage

More and more questions pop up as more and more assumptions appear.
We must assume:
1 The Westford knight is authentic,
2 The Knight was James Gunn,
 How is his name known?
3 The Zeno Narratives are reliable and dependable,
4 Henry is the man named by Zeno,
5 The C-14 dating on the Newport Tower is flawed,
6 The flag of the Minmac Nation is a mirror of the Templar Fleet flag when
the Templars never used any such flag and Minmac flag is a mirror of King
Louis IX of France.  Carvings in Cyprus date from the visit of that King to
7 The Templars continued to exist long after being suppressed.

This is only a partial list of assumptions.  Perhaps we should observe the
adage “Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.” and talk about how
many Sinclair women produce twins.

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