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Re: Melchizadek priesthood.

DEar all,

All Catholic priests are deemed to be priests in the order of Melchizadek.
All male Mormons are also believed to be in the same category. In the light
of the extremely brief mention of Melchizadek in the Old Testament, this has
always struck me as rather odd. There is also some form of modern secular
order of Melchizadek.

Melchizadek, the Priest-KIng of Salem was, as far as scripture and legend
recount, most probably Egyptian and according to some Jewish commentaries,
probably of the Egyptian royal family. At that time, Canaan was under
Egyptian control and both Melchizadek and Abraham were almost certainly high
born Egyptians. Little more is known about them - unless someone else on the
list has something constructive to add.

Best wishes