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Re: Romney

Much more on http://www.amxfiles.com/amc/romney.html

"Romney was born in a Mormon community in Chihuahua, Mexico, and he grew up
in Idaho and Utah.   George W. Romney, 88, a former secretary of the
Department of Housing and Urban Development, governor of Michigan, chairman
of American Motors Corp. and a contender for the 1968 Republican
presidential nomination, died July 26, 1995 at his home in Bloomfield Hills,
Mich. He collapsed after suffering a heart attack while exercising on a

survived by two daughters, Lynn Keenan and Jane Romney; two sons, G. Scott
Romney and Mitt Romney, a Massachusetts businessman who waged a tough but
unsuccessful campaign to unseat Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) last fall;
23 grandchildren; and 33 great-grandchildren."
Good question about being born in Mexico and yet he thought about running
for president.  Maybe he had dual citizenship.  It just seems like I
remember there was someone back around that time about whom this citizenship
matter was discussed and it was recognized that his foreign birth prevented
his running.  Was it George or someone else??  Can't remember.  If it was
George, then this obituary gives a false impression of his plans in that

Bishops of the LDS church are not paid.  Volunteer position as are others in
this church.  They are hold down regular full-time jobs for income.

This is from a LDS friend:
"All members of our church are
just called members and all serve voluntarily.  Even top leadership (like
our prophet and twelve apostles) do not get paid a salary.  Leaders in a
local congregation (called a ward) serve for various lengths of time, since
all positions (even Bishops) do so voluntarily.   However, we do believe all
calls to serve are really a request from the Lord, so we do our best in each
position.  Bishops have to hold the Melchizedek priesthood, hold a Temple
recommend (a sign of upholding LDS beliefs and fullfilling certain
requirements), and be willing to serve"

So you see this position is not similar in  these respects to a Catholic,
Methodist or whatever bishop.
So George W. Romney did as most Mormon men, went on a 2-year mission
(Scotland and England)  returned, probably went to college then (BYU has the
oldest football team in the nation and most all their team are married with
kids).  Then started his career and along the way served a few years as
bishop of some LDS ward (equivalent to the idea of a church building or
congregation) somewhere.   This is not an unusual series of events in those

But we have no more clue about the name of Mitt.  Maybe that is the full

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> George was the Bishop and missionary to Scotland. George W. Romney is dead
> in 95? How could George have run for American president if he was Mexican?
> know nothing about Mitt. What kind of name is Mitt?

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