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Re: Scottish Gold

Well, how WONDERFUL.   We have been wondering about the curling.  There is
no coverage here of it.  Maybe the men's is yet to be settled and they will
show that??
   This Olympics has been particularly interesting to us because my husband
and I both went to the U of Utah.  The opening program was held in a stadium
which is probably a new one but we graduated in the old one.  The speaker at
the graduation ceremony was the George Romney,  father of Mitt Romney the
organizer of the Olympics this year.
   A few years before that I came to Utah as a Girl Scout Counselor at Camp
Cloud Rim which was located 7 miles on up the road from Park City--over
7,000 ft.  There were still snow banks and ice on the lake on June 10th.
Quite a shock after flat and hot Indiana.  Park City was almost a ghost town
then.  We hiked one group of girls through the passes to Midway and Heber
and maybe went through where the cross country course was set up.  Beautiful
country as you can see from the aerial views.
    Don and I went skiing a couple of times at Park City while in College
but then the ski lift was built of timbers.  Our skis dragged on the snow
and often the tips caught and one almost got thrown out.  It would have been
a short fall anyway.  Few people went to this rustic place because Alta and
Brighton were the big places where we went most of the time.
As ever,

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> The all-Scottish curling side won the final against favoured Switzerland
> Salt Lake City, USA. The team, including one reserve, included Margaret
> Morton, 33, from Ayr; Fiona MacDonald, 27, from Inverness; Debbie Knox,

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