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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

Dear Stanley,

If you accept that the transformation is continuation would it not follow
that only knights of the Papal/Portugal  order could claim any kind of
legitimate decent from the Templars? Only the Knights, of which they are
none, and the Spanish orders, founded under Papal protection could call
themselves Templar descendants?

Is there any claim to Scot  or Masonic orders that show a decent from
Templar and an agreement by the Pope.  The changeling  must include some
recognisable part of the original.

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> Dear Sinclair,
> I feel that those who are stating emphatically that the Templars continued
> are saying just this. Transformation is continuation. A rose by any other
> name is just as sweet. If anyone feels this way who is taking part, I

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