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Re: For Glen Cook, and Charter of Larmenius

>From your link http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/03698b.htm"The King of
Portugal is still officially "Grand Master of the Order of Our Lord Jesus
Christ", and as such confers titular membership in the order, with the
decoration of the crimson cross charged with another, smaller, cross of

The monarchy was overthrown in 1910 by republican forces, which particularly
resented the strong influence of the Catholic Church on the regime.

A couple of Dictators followed.  Portugal is now a Republic.  No King does
this mean no Grand Master? No Grand Master does this mean no official order?

When I asked Wallace-Murphy about the C-14 dating of the Newport Tower he
replied it was unreliable. The Carbon dating there put the tower
construction in the 16th Century.  What would make the dating of the Charter
of Larmenius any more reliable?